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Hey guys, keep up the good work! Appreciate it _a lot_ for I cannot do such things myself. And it helps very much having more dicts...

So if I may ask regarding a Chinese version again: if I understood tsherings explanations correctly and did not misread earlier posts about dict-crafting, a dict of the size of the CC-CEDICT would simply be an overkill with its more than 100.000 entries. At least with the current Kobo-dict system.

But I wonder if one could try to compile a very very basic dict for Chinese with only a few thousand html entries/files. Let's say single words/characters only, like "字" which would be then a "字.html"-file using the actual character for file-name. And there would be a file for every single character like "子.html" and "字.html" and "自.html" and so on. And every single file would only contain this one characters definitions, right? So then every html file itself would be very small too.

This would allow to at least look up the spelling and meaning of the basic few thousand single Chinese characters. And it would probably have a reasonable size. Or am I mistaken?

(And hopefully the matching/definition-pop-up would work just fine by means of the underlying Unicode/UTF-8 coding for every character? I know that the selecting and looking-up works for I have tried, but it lacks any result for definition right now. Oh and I would probably need to somehow make the ebook have let's say french as default language if the Chinese dict would be named as dicthtml-fr, to get the correct pop-up result, wouldn't I?)

Thank you for help and input!
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