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Thanks @NiLuJe - nearly there !!

Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post

Basically, what I meant was don't manually tweak the ASIN in the metadata field (exth 113) unless you know exactly what you're doing and what it entails .

Not sure I know what I'm doing all the time but went ahead and deleted the old ASIN and copied in the new one.

Yeah, I know, but I insist . You're welcome to check Calibre's sources to understand how it works in more details .

Yes OK I need to read more - I'm spending far too long hacking around in the grey arts !!

Yes, Calibre generates it from the current cover in Calibre's metadata for this book. There's actually two of them, one embedded, and one sideloaded. The one we usually care about on the PW is the external one (it's used when exth 113 is set), and is stored in system/thumbnails/ on the Touch/PaperWhite. The other one, the embedded one, is nothing new, hand has been part of the MOBI format for a good long while AFAIK. It's only used on the Touch/PW when exth 113 isn't set (ie. a file built by KindleGen, or by Calibre with the 'enable sharing' setting enabled) [no exth 113 is also what triggers the PDOC banner on the PaperWhite, even if the cdetype isn't PDOC]. In both cases, it is in fact a thumbnail, the full size cover is separate.

Ok thanks for the explanation - makes a lot more sense now

When you sideload manually, you're basically just dropping the mobi file 'as-is' straight out of the build process (be it from Calibre or KG). On the other hand, Calibre's "Send to Device" will do more than that: it will refresh the metadata (embedded cover & thumbnail included) in the file, and will also, depending on the device & settings, send some sidecar files: usually, the APNX file for the page numbers, and the external thumbnail on the Touch/PW.
Ok yes I follow that, thought it had to do something more meaningful than I'd imagined ........

and now drum roll it all works, the right size, no banners at foot or middle.

Many thanks for all your help.

BTW I picked up from somewhere that the jpeg size on the kpw should be 600x800 - well after a fair bit of trial and error this needs to be bigger, or it will affect the cover size on the Home 'page' etc which was part of my 'problem'.
I'm suggesting 960x1280 as being good for most purposes.

Anyway in the end, with your help, I got there, once again thanks for your help - it has been much appreciated by me and who knows maybe of equal help to others passing as well.

So now ........... for a change !!

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