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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Did you try to activate the metadata extraction in
Yes, surely it's active. The device takes several minutes for startup (>2Gb of zipped FB2's on the card) but all FB2's remains "unknown" for system, except for files that were once or more opened manually. Switching of this feature off gives faster startup but titles remain unread in any case.
Currently I have FW ver.20121102 installed and it's third FW with the same problem found.

PS: I have mostly and several unzipped FB2; unzipped files remains unscanned too.

PPS: (for possible implementation in future) In fact it's not nesessary to scan ALL files on startup: for practical use it's enough to scan files in the root of the disk only and later each time when any folder is opened by user then scan files in the root of just opened folder only. This algorithm allows to avoid crazy startup delays but behave as if all files were pre-scanned; the cost is a small delay of folder opening.
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