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Originally Posted by AlPe View Post
It seems like you downloaded an HTML page instead of as a plain-text file.

Try downloading the raw file from:

Please check that you properly downloaded the other files as well.
Thank you!.

Its look better now. I have two new files: English_German.dict (.dict) (5MB) & en-de.dict (.idx) - but don't work in Odyssey !.

In the cmd-console is this message:
[INFO] Reading input dictionary...
[INFO] Parsing the input dictionary...
[INFO] Using the built-in parser...
[INFO] Outputing in Odyssey format to file...
Traceback <most recent call last>:
File "", line 983, in <module> main<>
File "", line 958, in main write_to_Odyssey_format<config, parsed_data, debug>
File "", line 182, in write_to_Odyssey_format sql_cursor.execute<'delete from T_DictIndex '>
sqlite3.DatabaseError: file is encripted or is not a database

When I put this 2 files in Odyssey's Dictionary, en-de dictyonary do not appear...

I believe, I stole your time... I am really Sorry for that...
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