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In case anyone else finds this thread while hunting down timezones..

I also found my timezone was GMT offset by 3:02. This is an unregistered kindle 4 touch.

I connected over the USB net interface with ssh and tried the following;

I replaced the tz file with the one from my main linux distro (arch). I have a slight worry that its a much more complex file, but the kindle seems happy with it so far. Initially I just moved the tz file to tz.was and the time then looked to be in straight UTC.

I then used
to get the time from my connected linux machine then
hwclock -w
to write the time to the h/ware. Not sure if thats needed, but the hw time from
hwclock -r
was showing 1970.. At that point date returned a sensible time but the book reader still had the 3:02 offset. That seems to be stored in
There were 2 entires that had the offset in, and the which seems to be a seconds offset equal to 3:02. I edited the file with vi.

After that a reboot and all seems sane. At least for now.
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