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Kindle Touch Reindexing

Hi! I'm having a small situation. I don't know what caused it so I'll explain everything I did before the problem started.

I connected my kindle to my computer and successfully added 10 books manually (dragging the files to the 'documents' folder). However, I forgot that I had Calibre open so Calibre 'scanned' my device. I ejected the Kindle and apparently everything was fine, but 5 minutes later I realized my kindle was reindexing ALL my books for no apparent reason.

I'd read somewhere that reindexing happens when you add new files and one or more are corrupted, so I connected the device again and deleted all the books I had just added. I did a hard reset just in case, but when I turned it on again, the Kindle was still reindexing everything. And by everything I mean all my 2850 books (do not judge ) so the reindexing will take A LONG time.

Does anyone know why this happened? I deleted all the new files so that can't be the problem. If there's nothing to do, do you think it'll be better to reset to factory settings and start charging my books all over again (20-50 at a time)?

Thank you in advance!
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