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The Glo is my first e-reader and I had it for a week or so by now. I love it for its touch, size, the crisp e-ink display, and of course the glo light feature, which all makes it a very comfortable device to read on. I have been using it every day until late at night and the glo rocks!
BUT there are some issues I am not very pleased with, so I went for option two (Buggy...). Had I had a non-glo device before, it would have been option three I guess...

So I don't know if this is the right place to lament about my discontents, and I hope I won't annoy anyone by it. Furthermore it is not an issue whether "to glo or not to glo"...BUT:

First of all my Kobo freezes on a regular basis approx. once a day for no obvious reason, as far as i can tell. I have added some Chinese fonts to be able to read Chinese ebooks though, mostly epub, some pdf. But I don't see how this could possibly cause the glo to freeze, since it freezes while reading in other in languages too. Hopefully this will go away somehow, maybe with another firmware update. Or are your glos working just fine and I have a lemon here?

Secondly the UI appears in some regard not to be straight forward enough to me, it's too many clicks to get around or not very convenient it some parts. I have not found a way to customize the menus and also there is no option the set quick-links on the home-screen, to launch the web-browser for example. I would also like my lib to display a plain list in a small font w/o the books thumbnails... Why is there no dot "." on the keyboard on the fist layer where all the letters are?...and so on...

Also, as far as customization is concerned, while in reading mode you have a lot of customization options, like font size, line spacing etc., which is really great, but there is no option to invert the screen (b/w) for night reading, since I find the lowest glo light option still way to bright for total darkness. In dim light its perfect, though blueish, but I hardly ever use the light when there is so another source of light, for the b/w contrast it superb. The blueish look however disappears in total darkness, if by means of the eyes perception by a complementary contrast (blueish-yellowish) or whatever, it seems to be yellow in total darkness, at least to me, which is nice.

And then at last I am a little disappointed with the dictionaries. I found some contributions to improve the English dicts on the forum here (thank you for that!). But as I mentioned before I read Chinese stuff on my Kobo, and since I am no native Chinese speaker, I do need to look up words.
There seems not to be any way of installing a software like Duokan for the kindle or to "root" the device like the Nook and run android apps form the android market (in my case it would be something like Pleco Dict or the like having all the fancy features like handwriting, definition within pop-up definition and so forth right there in place). And as for the sideloaded "own dictionaries" some people are working on, there is still a long way to go one may find, i.e for chinese. Unfortunately I have no programming skills at all which leaves me with option two "Buggy, but hoping for bug fixes. Keeping it." for it's still a wonderful device to read on!
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