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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
Are you talking about market stalls where people would sell pirated physical textbooks? Who in their right mind would start making xerox copies of an entire textbook and then try to sell it. Sounds like a huge waste of time.

If you're talking about a pirated ebook, then what idiot would pay for a pirated digital book when they could just go download it themselves. I think that's the point nesagwa was making. Selling a pirated digital textbook kind of defeats the purpose of putting them up on torrents in the first place.

Pirated DVDs in a market stall are physical products, we're talking about digital textbooks. Completely different thing.
Well and the mindset of college is different from your random burned DVD/CD seller.

Everyone in college is hurting for money, buying 5 or more textbooks that can cost upwards of 200 dollars in some cases (compounded by editions that make frivolous changes just so that people will have to buy the new edition rather than a used older edition) at a time, twice a year is a heavy burden.

The reactions I came up against the when offering this site to people were either AWESOME! Free text books for me or I dont feel comfortable doing that, Ill go buy it from the book store. Im not sure a student willing to pay for books would buy pirated ones in the first place.

I remember people I went to highschool with selling burned CDs when napster and cd burners were the new big thing for a dollar each (which barely covered the cost of the CD then.) But the main reason were technological limitations at the time. Now just about everyone college age knows how all this stuff works (or at least knows someone that does and helps them with it.)
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