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I was frustrated not having a working Table Of Contents for my e-ink Kindle books and after reading your posts I now know how to do it.

In Calibre I convert them to Epub.
In Sigil I create TOC.
In Calibre I convert to MOBI.

Thank you so much for the information.

I have a question though. Is there any way to automatically remove the paragraph following all the page numbers? As it is now, the page number shows up in the middle of the text followed by a new paragraph with the name of the author or chapter and then the book continues on yet another new paragraph. It would be nice to only see the page number followed by a space and then continuing text. I know how to manually find and replace the paragraphs in Sigil. It takes a long time and in some books the text following the page numbers is different from chapter to chapter therefore I have to go into all chapters and manually do it.

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<p class="calibre2">MILTON ERICKSON</p>

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