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Homepage, Repartition and Rescue Questions

I have 3 questions for you:

1) Homepage - I am using rupor's AMR, and I would like the Home button to take me directly to the 3rd home screen.
Is it possible?

2) Repartitioning - I might try to repartition in order to get more space for my apps without using Link2SD.
will SD Rescue restore the original partitions' sizes? (is repartitioning reversible by SD Rescue?)

3) Rescue - For some reason, EVERY TIME I use SD Rescue, I encounter a problem:
The rescue process is not finishes:
I charge the reader, load the OS Firmware folder to the root of the sd card, power on the PRS-T1 and press Home + Menu until "Opening Book" bar reaches the end. Then leave the device to restore from the sd rescue package.
The problem is that the device DOES NOT BOOT by himself - left it for a whole night one time and in the morning it still has been in the recovering process I left it (power button blink in orange, Opening Book... page displayed).
When I pressed the reset and then the power buttons the device DID BOOT, and IS RECOVERED - But It did not do it by himself for some reason, as if the recovering process did not completely finished.
Every time I used a freshly downloaded rescue package from the PRS-T1 Rooting And Tweaking wiki page (Porkupan's package, uboot's package does not work at all for some reason, even though I have the firmware).
What is wrong, and what can I do?

Many thanks to every suggestion you might have.
Have a great day!
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