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A-GPS, my understanding of how it works ?

I may be wrong, but have done a lot of reading on this subject over the years, and as such, felt compelled to respond. Why, oh why do I read these posts? lol anyway, the way I understand A-GPS is that it can be a full GPS circuit that receives information from satellites as well as Wi-Fi or cell towers (the assisted part) which would be the best of both worlds. However, A-GPS can also be dependent on a connection whether cellular or Wi-Fi to download maps which in most case, is cost prohibitive if using you GPS on the run. This type of A-GPS is the least desired as you absolutely need a connection to the net or a cellular connection to load you data, and this type is the least accurate depending on the maps used, but is perfectly fine in most cases for a correct landing at your intended residential or business destination. Also, I read somwhere TomTom maps though not equal to Garmin's in the USA, are preferred in European markets. That last comment was a comment from someone who lived in Europe so take it for what it's worth. Hope this sheds a tad more light on the situation. Take care all.
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