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Problem splitting a calibre library...

I had all our ebooks (both kids books and wife's romance novels) in one calibre library and my wife would move requested books onto the kindle she shared with the kids. This Christmas I'm getting the kids their own Kindle and I want the kids books to be in a separate kindle library on a separate computer.

I started the process by listing the children's authors then closing out the calibre program. I created a folder called calibre library 2, then cut & pasted the children's authors from the calibre library folder into the calibre library 2 folder with the intention of moving the calibre library 2 folder to the separate computer.

Now, my problem is that these authors/books are still listed in the old calibre library even though I've removed them from the actual calibre library folder. Is there a way to do a "cleanup" on the old calibre library so that these missing books will be automatically removed from the listing or do I have to manually delete each one?

Thanks an epic ton in advance.
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