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Kindle Fire HD Newbie (?')

Just received the Kindle Fire HD yesterday & being a Sony user for about 5 years - I have a few questions.

1. On my Sony they had an option where you can select a picture to display when it went into standby or the off mode Is there it easy way to do this on the Fire and if so what pic format is best?

2. On books using Calibre to convert my epubs to mobi & adding name of series Ex: James Brown 01 - Bedlam by Jim Turner. I was surprised that the Kindle only showed the book cover and author. I have some books that go as high book 11. I was able to overcome this problem using ES File Explorer - click on books and it list the books and the series number. tap it & goes right to the book. Thanks to the people in this forum who recommended Es Explorer - a great app.

3. As most of my books are in epub format , I noted in the forum the mention that an app called Overdrive Media could handle epubs. Do you have to copy them to Overdrive and do they show up with you regular mobi books. Any info how you do this would be helpful

Thanks in advance for you assistance
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