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calibre and nook ST - not sending books to right place

this seems to be a new issue for me, not sure if it's happening to anyone else (and not seeing any threads on the subject).

Even though I have a perfectly working memory card installed in my nook, every time I try to send anything to "storage card A" (either via the fact that it's my default destination or by specifically sending to that location), books get loaded into my nook's main memory instead. I can manually move them to the storage card via my mac's finder, and they show up fine, so I'm fairly certain the card itself is fine.

Calibre "thinks" they're on Card A when it first loads them, and indicates as such, but if I look at the nook directory, they're in the main memory. Then when I disconnect and reconnect my nook, calibre finds them in "main".

Don't know if something's changed in the way things get loaded, but this can obviously turn into a problem given the small size of the nook's internal memory.

Edited to add: slight update after some further experimentation - IF I send one book at a time to the device (i.e., select an individual book and hit send to device, or send to storage card A), it ends up in the right place - on storage card A. It only appears to be when I try to send MORE than one book at a time to the device that it overrides my wishes and sends them to the nook's main memory.

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