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NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.NightBird ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.
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Premiere Digital Publishing has the Neal Rafferty series by Chris Wiltz and her standalone books free again, plus three thrillers from Gordon Thomas in his David Morton spy series:

Godless Icon

A military troika in Russia, a pastor in California bent on spreading global hatred, and most sinister of all, a powerful Chinese businessman, threaten world peace, whilst in Rome, a dying Pope Nicholas the Sixth strives to unite all the faiths of the world.

In a world ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, we once again meet David Morton, the intelligence agent who emerged as the James Bond for the 90s, in Deadly Perfume.

After the collapse of the Soviet Empire, a military troika is in power. Suspicious of the West, fearful of the Moslem fanatics to the East, the troika plans to ensure that the Republic of Russia emerges as a military superpower. In Rome a very different plan preoccupies Pope Nicholas the Sixth – to unite all the faiths and bring to the world a peace and stability it has never known. But Nicholas is dying from a brain tumor. It is to Julius Enkomo, South Africa’s first black Cardinal, that Pope Nicholas turns, entrusting him with a crucial, secret mission.

In California the pastor of the Church of True Belief, the Reverend Edward Kingdom, uses his satellite to spread global hatred. But the threat of Wong Lee is the most sinister of all. Head of the world’s largest conglomerate, he is powerful beyond belief.

Using a mosaic of shard-like details, each meticulously exact, this extraordinary novel explores the dark, turbulent forces which Morton must overcome if he is to destroy the cynical alliance around him.
Organ Hunters

On a remote island in Central America, David Morton must foil Dr. Gustav Romer, who performs transplants for the elite of the crime world with organs harvested from those killed by a sinister organization.

On a remote island in Central America, Dr. Gustav Romer – once the medical supreme of the now defunct Stasi, the East German security service, and the world’s leading immunologist until his reported death – has secretly built a clinic like no other. His patients are the elite of the crime world – Mafia bosses, Triad leaders, the new czars of the Russian criminal fraternity, the lords of the Japanese underworld.

For them, he provides organ transplants. The organs come from the bodies of those killed for that very purpose by the sinister organization which employs Romer and his staff. They owe allegiance to one person, the person known as Madam.

Rich beyond comparison, her wealth is equaled only by her evil. But to a still unsuspecting world she is best known for her charitable acts. And for her hatred of the other woman in her dead lover’s life – his wife. Theirs is an unremitting feud which straddles the globe. Once a year fate brings them together – at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm.

This year, David Morton of Hammer Force, the police agency created by the United Nations, has a personal interest in the Awards – his long-time friend and collaborator, Dr. Yoshi Kramer, is to receive the Prize for Medicine. Only Morton knows that Yoshi himself has a heart condition and needs urgent surgery…
Voices in the Silence

Intelligence agent David Morton must avert a world crisis and destroy a Russian-made weapon capable of controlling the U.S. President's mind.

David Morton and his new Hammer Force – an intelligence agency created by the United Nations after the carnage in Bosnia – have a formidable task. To avert a world crisis they must win the deadly, invisible battle for control of the mind on the President of the United States. The weapon they must destroy is born out of the technology which brought victory in the Gulf War and supremacy in Space for an American that is no longer master of all it surveys. Created by the former Soviet Union’s most brilliant scientist, Professor Igor Tamasara, the weapon is designed to trigger responses in the President’s mind – responses that will bring the United States and Japan into conflict…and will lead to World War III. From that conflict will emerge Tamasara’s new paymaster – China – as the superpower of the 21st century.

Set against the background of Washington, Beijing and Hong Kong – this highly original and totally credible futuristic thriller builds to a climax of nail-biting suspense. Once more showing an astonishing command of the inner workings of international politics and the world of secret intelligence, Gordon Thomas has created a first-rate work of fiction, featuring unforgettable characters. Center stage is David Morton, and in Voices in the Silence Morton’s role as ‘the James Bond of the 90s’ is firmly established, as is Gordon Thomas’s reputation as a thriller writer of quality.
Robert W. Walker is back with a freebie from another series, Decoy.

Blood Seers (Decoy #2)


After his family is brutally murdered by deranged thugs, Ryne Lanark decides to channel his violent rage constructively. He leaves his acting career behind, and signs on as a Chicago city cop. Using his mastery of disguise and calculating perseverance, Lanark winds his way through the seamy netherworld of drug dealers and killers. A tortured loner, a relentless crusader, Lt. Lanark is the ultimate equalizer.


The death toll on Chicago's elevated trains is climbing. The killings seem pointless: train routes are targeted at random, weapons range from spears to poison gas to Uzis. Those victims still able to talk offer a mad variety of descriptions;they can't even agree on the attacker's sex. It's not even clear how many killers are prowling the El.

Chicago's gripped in panic and Lanark's explosive temper is about to blow, pushed by a newsman's threats to print the story of Lanark's horrific past. Lanark and the killer walk the same tightrope: the killer leans one way, the detective the other. One of them must fall.
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