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First of all thank you for such great development. I bought a Kobo just for that, and now I have a fancy weather display

As a newbie, I have no idea about python, but I sure can follow instructions LOL, I have some questions regarding the weather software and Kobo:

1- After I setup the with my latitude and longitude I went to's website to check the data, turns out the temperatures on kobo are not the same that the ones on the website (using same lat/long). since this is my first day I will keep running for a few days to compare data. Is that a reason why the info is different????

2-Is that a way to avoid kobo going to sleep, so I can have the weather display on all the time????

3- I understood kobo's OS is debian (or debian compatible, right??), if that so would be possible to install a webserver on it (I was thinking about using kobo as a python learning platform), for web development using python.

4- Is that a way to start directly from kobo and not with telnet??? I saw something about this here but I have no idea how to implement (need some help).

Thank you again one more time

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