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Kinlde ERROR opening books!!!!

Hi there!

I have a very…very annoying problem. Please help me, I can’t take any longer. I start at the beginning. I create my own epub files. It looks like this:
  1. I use InDesign CS4. Inserting the content, making my own styles (paragraph, character) etc. End when it looks like a simple book, then I export whit Export with Digital Editions. Don’t use numbered styles, but when I do I convert to text.
  2. Then the epub that I just created, opening in Sigil. Little tweaking there (page break, border, toc, font size, etc). Adding metadata, cover page.
  3. Testing in EPUB Validation.
  4. At last I convert this with KindleGen, or insert in KindlePreview, and create mobi file.
  5. Plugging in the Kindle Touch with usb and send it. And it works like charm

I always have do like that.

Now the problem:

A few days ago, I finished another book like this. And when I tried to open in my Touch, it waited a few second, and then popped up a message saying:
An error occurred. If you purchased this item from Amazon, delete the item and download it from Archived items.

From then I have tried everything. Lastly I formatted and reinstalled the whole system. And rested the kindle (twice). Installed InDesign, Word, and the most important software’s. Created a plain 20 Letter size pages and it started all over again.

And here comes the best part. The books that I have created earlier before this bug, it all works. Even when I open the InDesign file, export it and convert it, those are working fine. All working except the new oens. It doesn't make any sense. Is there a DRM in the InDesign? Or something similar? I need your help. I'll be very thankful for all the reply's!
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