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Originally Posted by Sydney's Mom View Post
I am so glad I upgraded. Better sound, better wireless, better browser, and, best of all, tremendous battery life. Lst night I streamed two hour long TV shows, then watched a movie I had downloaded. Still had 50% batter left.
I agree with everything you say except the battery life. I think the battery runs down way to fast and it should come with a charger. It only comes with the usb cord and it takes "forever" to charge even from my phone charger using the usb. If I try charging from my computer I can count on not being able to read or do anything else all day until it gets the full charge. I love the Kindle Fire HD very much with those exceptions. I was shocked that it did not come with a charger. My Nook Color came with its very own charger and it lasts me several days even if I surf the web. It also charges in about 3 hrs. Although I love reading from my Nook Color I also love reading from my Kindle Fire HD.. Both are excellent products but to me the big thing is not coming with a charger. That is just wrong. To have to buy one separate is not fair. But I would recommend the Kindle Fire HD to anyone who is considering a Kindle product. It does lots of things and I love that no matter what way I hold it the screen will rotate in that direction. The Nook Color rotates but to wide screen or Portrait only, not all the way around from ever single side. lol I do love them both because my hubby got them for me as anniversary gifts. Last year the Nook Color and this year the Kindle Fire HD.. Both are wonderful. I am still getting use to the Kindle and it should come with a manual that explains everything. Not just a short booklet like that only explains the very basic of basics. Got lucky and did find a free copy of a help manual a few weeks or about a month ago that helps a lot.

I am still disappointed in the battery life of the Kindle Fire HD though . I sure thought it would last longer and I wish it had a place to add a micro card like the Nook Color has. That would make it more awesome. Then you could add as much space as you need..
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