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Originally Posted by chaley View Post
Thanks for the hint.

There is a way to open books that have a valid amazon ID. Unfortunately, most books that come from calibre libraries do not have a "real" amazon ID, so the way doesn't work. My guess is that the app you point at works with books that have been downloaded from amazon and thus have valid IDs associated with them.
I bet you're right. Most of what he does on his blog is to highlight books that are available for free on Amazon, so everything you end up getting "through him" is really through Amazon. It's a useful service, but you're right that his app probably focuses on Amazon ID stuff.

Originally Posted by chaley View Post
I have spent many hours trying to reverse engineer what exactly K4A does with the ID with the hope of being able to pass a file name instead, without success. That doesn't mean that there isn't a way, but it isn't documented and it isn't guessable, at least by me.
Would you be willing to put in something for now that works only for books with an Amazon ID? 90+% of my reading is newspapers (via Calibre, so I know they work already), library books (which end up ultimately being through Amazon) and stuff I get directly from Amazon (usually found via the Free Books blog). So if CC pushed Amazon ID stuff to K4A, it'd cover my needs and possibly many others' as well.

I know it wouldn't be a complete solution, and as a fellow developer, I appreciate the desire to get it right, but it might be a decent stepping stone toward the ultimate solution.

The reason I keep pushing on this, by the way, is that my alternative is to grab the Collections and Categories app for organizing and buy CC only to use for wireless downloads of my newspapers. That's an OK choice, but I like the idea of being able to use Calibre on my computer to do the actual organizing of my books instead of having to do it on my Kindle, so I'd prefer to be using CC for everything.
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