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Originally Posted by holymadness View Post
I seem to have some difficulty understanding a subtlety of the mobileread forum code of conduct. It seems it's frowned upon to say "X is an idiot for believing Y" but perfectly acceptable to say "People who believe Y are idiots," even if those people happen to be posting in that same thread. Why this should be is unclear, but it would be nice if those who did it didn't feign shock and outrage when the level of discourse, which they began by trampling into the mud, isn't civil enough.
You sure do have trouble understanding the rules here so let me repeat what a moderator said just a few posts back: "Our posting guidelines clearly state that personally insulting your fellow members is not tolerated." What about "personally insulting" don't you understand???

There is nothing subtle about this code of conduct either. It's pretty much standard on most civil forums throughout the web. It would be a pretty sad day when a person on a forum couldn't criticize a group of people. Your inability to understand this distinction between the general and personal is your problem. And no one is going to change just to accommodate your thin skin.

You call Apple users brainwashed sheep, you spend all your time in Apple threads dumping on their products and the people who buy them, you spam mocking videos and pictures and high-five each other over your little jokes. Every second post is a "LOL yeah!" or "So true!" In other words, you seek it out, then complain about it. Forgive me for rolling my eyes.
Sigh, I'm gonna say this, even though it may be personally insulting, but you seem confused, lost or just have problems reading. This thread is titled "Samsung vs. Apple" so it is not just an Apple thread. It's equally a Samsung/Android thread -- and if you really think about it, the issues discussed in this thread impact the entire tablet market since they center around industry wide litigation. Moreover, this is NOT the Apple forum. It's a general news forum. If you don't like the jabs being thrown at your "sheeple" and your religion, stay out of here. No one is forcing you to read what any of us are saying.

If you can't hold your temper and you keep personally insulting other posters here, so be it. But people are going to keep calling you out on it. And it just shows you up for the kind of person you really are.

What is there to say else but that you are wrong?

Size and shape go hand in hand, so if you admit one you necessarily admit the other. As things stand in the iPhone, there is simply no room to add a SD card reader. If you were to add one into the current form factor, you would have to remove other elements or crowd the interior. It is one or the other and both entail sacrifices.
No, you are wrong. Or again, maybe it's your failure once again to read properly or to process what the words mean. I originally said: "Size, yes. But I don't know that the shape of a device would have to change much by adding a card slot (so long as it was included at the inception of the design).

So, if you include the card slot at the beginning of the design process, you can make other components into a different shape to accommodate the added card slot. So, NO, you would not necessarily have to change the shape of the design. An iPhone can still have the same iPhone shape. It might just be a tiny bit heavier or a tiny big larger (footprint) with the card slot. But it can retain the same shape as it had before. It may not even have to have a larger footprint. Making the phone a little thicker could be the way to go to accommodate the added piece of hardware.

Please don't feign naīveté about the complexity external storage would add to iOS. Currently, iOS users never need to worry about managing their media. To add external storage would require making choices about where to store one's music and one's apps, what would happen if the card was swapped out, where files go if one drive becomes full and the other has space on it. These are not world-ending changes, but they are contrary to Apple's approach to iOS.
Incorrect. You definitely have to worry even now about how media shows up on iOS -- ie, Are you running out of space? Is iTunes correctly syncing over all your songs and books? Is the media showing up properly in the music app (it doesn't always). Most Apple users can handle such stuff, and adding an SD card slot while limiting its contents to media would not be adding any complexity that someone with half a brain couldn't deal with. It's you who are painting Apple users to be a bunch of idiots. If you polled current Apple users on whether they would like a micro SD card slot, I bet you it would be a landslide in favor of it -- if not 100% unanimous.

It is pretty funny to see someone choose, of all the companies in the world to hate, Apple. Instead of say, Monsanto, Bank of America, or BP. Well, nevermind. To each his own, though your priorities say a lot about you.
You really do like to exaggerate, don't you? I have a lot of criticisms of Apple, but I don't "hate" them. It seems that anyone who utters a bad word about your fruity religion ... you can only see hatred and black hats. It says a lot about your personality that you always react this way.

In any case, Apple is no more litigous than any other tech company. They just receive more press for it. You'll have to find a better reason than that.
Look at the dates, and with few exceptions (such as Kodak) it appears Apple started most of the litigation. The others are slugging back. Moreover, Apple's suits appear to be especially frivolous, based on vague and specious design claims, rather than some real innovative technology.

And finally, bias is bias. It's not clear why we should take anything you say seriously when you admit you can't be objective.
Ahhh, is it your reading issues once more, or just your tendency to exaggerate popping up again? Nowhere did I say I couldn't be objective. OTOH, it's clear you can't be. Your response to the littlest slight against your religion is to see red and get all emotional, seriously clouding your judgment.

Heh, amusing.

Shrug, I'm not going to go through 30 pages to satisfy your pendantry for block quotes. It has been said and often over the last few weeks that I've posted regularly here. Do a search.
Indeed, quite amusing. You're the one making the specious claim. So it's up to you to prove it. You do the search. But of course you won't. Because you know what you said wasn't true. You just said it for hyperbole and to inflame -- lol, the very thing you are accusing the other side of doing!

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