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Originally Posted by eBookLuke View Post
I will send to you the next 2.0 beta as soon will be stable
Thx, that's great! Looking forward to it

Found some other usecase, where different types of styling techniques unluckily mix together:

A standard heading in LO typically is defined left-aligned, though the resulting epub will have it centered. This is due to the hardcoded text-align: center;
for h1 etc.. (Macro: writer2epub.CSS.CreateCSSFile).
But when the heading's style is defined right-aligned in LO, the resulting epub <h1> gets some additional class="right" overruling the css h1.text-align. The heading now gets aligned to the right as supposed.

For an ordinary, non-technical user this behaviour might be confusing - or magic
(pls tell me if you need example odt's)
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