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Originally Posted by Gazella20 View Post
After changing the MOBI Output settings, did you convert the ebook to MOBI again?
Yes, as far as I recall - yesterday was about 15 hours of converting/reconverting etc after many trips down blind alleys.
There seem to be different approaches being used on this forum and others to achieve what I'm after!? Some say DO tick the 'share' others are DO NOT. Surely both cannot be right - there must be something else going on within the conversion process or the original file?

Please do not take any of the above as a criticism - had best result to date with your help - but, not the result that you got?!

So when I have more time will go back to the start and re-do all the steps, again !!

Someone else also suggested stripping all the meta data from the original and replacing it - that seems like a massive jump, but will consider it when I know more about how to do that.

In the meantime any other thoughts would be welcome, and thanks for your help to date.
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