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Kobo Glo wishlist

I bought the Kobo Glo the first week it came out, and immediately had to return it. I bought the original Kobo because I am visually impaired and the font-size adaptability of e-readers mean I can still read. But I have no trouble viewing the book titles on the original Kobo, and I couldn't make them out at all on the Glo. The letters are smaller and less bold. Lots of older and visually impaired people use readers and they won't be able to use the new one until you can adjust the font size in menus and areas other than the books themselves.

Also, I would like a clock to be visible at the top or bottom all the time, not just when you bring up the menu, and also the power indicator. I tend to lose track of time when reading and it would help if I could see at a glance what time it was or how soon Kobo would be uncharged.

The rest (from the little time I played with it) looked great. I will happily buy it again if they fix the menu font sizes.
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