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After a late start, I have caught up and much to my surprise, I have been keeping up. I'm currently at 26,469 words, before I do a single word of today's writing. I agree it feels great to be halfway home. It should all be downhill from here, right?

My main problem right is now I feel like the three Stooges did after the finished painting the floor: now that I'm stuck in the corner, what do I do next? Raymond Chandler would have some guys with guns show up at the door; I had the murdered victim come back to life. That's what I get writing when I'm more than half asleep; it seemed to make sense at the time. As for the former corpse, she has a bit of a headache, and she's awfully cranky at the moment. Really. All of the other characters are a bit scared of her, including me. I'm not sure how something like this could happen; I'm hoping the character will get around to telling me before 50,000 words.

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