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Sharing/Moving Calibre Library to 2nd PC

I've been using calibre for quite a while on a single PC without problems. Now I have the following issue..My elderly parent, who live a long distance away have an ereader which I priously loaded my then existing calibre library. They have a PC, but no internet access. So as I gather new books, I add them to MY Calibre, and download the typ. Metadata (Cover etc.).

Now, I need to be able to send them a CD/DVD with newer books, to be incorporated into their local Calibre on their PC. Normally I would simply send them the basic (say epub or Mobi files) and they could ADD them to their Calibre. But, in that case, they would not have the metadata I d/l'd off the web.

As I read, calibre has a certain structure and also a I assume a simple copying of files/folders is not the way to go? Can someone explain the easiest way to accomplish this task? In the end, it seems like a calibre function such as 1. Export an existing Library(etc) and 2. Merge that into the Library of the other Pc functionally describes the need. IDEAS Please!
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