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Alright, this is why I mentioned I wasn't interested in CC. I didn't want to go off topic and get into a flame war. I'm new to posting here, so noone knows me and/or what I'm like. So I'm replying, simply to point out that I'm not a lier or an ass... well, maybe I am an ass after all, since I am pointing out my facts, but I'd like to continue being welcome here. So here goes:

Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
This is currently the only option there is to the book scanning issue. No one has ever been hounded.

I cannot recall any thread about the scanning device issue that did not state that there currently wasn't a way to limit this if you connect to your device via MTP.
Here's a link to the article/topic/thread I mentioned:

The above article/topic/thread may help you recall what I mentioned. You were also party to that thread. From the way it's formatted on that page it almost looks like your the one 'hounding' the guy transmitthis. But after my need to support my last post, I went back, and now see, it was likely PeterT who hounded him. His comment has been removed, which I didn't notice my first read through. I'm sorry Doc, for thinking that of you. I now see where you also stated your disapproval of the hounding.

The guy went out of his way to be polite and try to keep the discussion on topic. But even my second time through I still do not see where it was explained that there was no way to minimize scanning time(except by buying an unwanted additional app). The thread ends with Doc pointing to a link and mentioning 'progress feedback'.

@Steve_Haley I may decide to get CC after all. But not for this need. I don't see the point. Adding a function that allows the user to choose a directory and setting that choice to a global or local variable isn't all that difficult. Not that I'm saying what I asked SHOULD be implemented. Hell, I never even said, nor indicated, that the developers must implement such a feature. I was simply asking about my particular issue. PeterT is the one that made it appear so.

@Doc, Thank you. Your first quoted response answered my question. Currently I'm using the 'save to disk' function to accomplish what I want.
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