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Now, now. Apologies if the english is not very shiny: I am italian. I own a kobo Glo and it is a very good device, easily better than the Sony PRS-T1 in many ways, but there are things I dislike or would like.

1) separate images from book in a very hard way. I think there should be a separate ebook reader and image viewer (as is the case in the Sony PRS-T1). This would also mean more image-specific settings. I suppose the software on the Kobo is linux based so it shouldn't be that hard to implement a downgraded version of -example- gthumb.

Beings things as they are, having a lot of books and a lot of images can become a problem.

2) personalisation of standy and shutdown screens. Possibly using user-selected images among the ones stored on the device. I assume the shutdown screen may be impossible to customise, but the standby shouldn't be a real problem.

3) the godforsaken and useless wishlist should be gone and, possibly, replaced with some sort of 'pinned books' feature highlighting books of your choice among the ones on the reader. Which, in a very big library, would be very useful.

4) Editing of Epubs directly on the device. This one I would love since I usually use the kobo for proofreading and going through the notes can be a pain when you have 200 or more. Once I have to work with almost 300 and I really wished to throw the thing out of the window.

5) reduces size of the entries in the list of notes (3 lines per note/highlight? are we serious?) because, as they are now, the feature is unconfortable in a notes-heavy situation.

6) for the sake of eye-candy: instead of the percentage of ebook read, the choice between percentage and a bar.
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