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[PB 622] Browser icon disappeared from Applications folder

First of all I'd like to say hello to everybody - this is my first post.
Tried to google the answer to my problem but without success.

So I spoiled my PB 622 Touch a little bit. I was playing with editing /applications/ file because I wanted Webbrowser to use start page different than ''. I had to mess up something because one time I got an error message like 'cannot start the application'. Later it did not show the Webbrowser icon in /applications folder at all, even after I restored the original file from backup. Now it still doesn't show the Webbrowser icon.
When I rename the '' file to '' it is shown but has different caption ('Webbrowse') and different icon. When I move the file to root folder it is shown and starting the application properly. But when I move it back to /applications it is still hidden.
Probably Pocketbook 'remembered' that has been wrong and because of that it is higing the icon. How to 'convince' it that the file is right again?

Best regards.
Lukasz aka Roddy
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