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Nexus 7 - scanning folders?

I have a Nexus 7, it was an early xmas present, but when I plug it into my computer with calibre running, or start Calibre with it already plugged in, it seems to take several minutes 'scanning the device'. When I open jobs it seems to be scanning the entire 32gigs. Is there a way to make it scan only 1 directory? Or 1 directory and all it's sub-directories would be even better?

Also, not interested in CC. I already bought Calibre Library and never got it working on my old Pandigital. I just want to use Calibre to transfer my books to my device when I'm ready for a new selection.

It's really not that terrible, I guess, with the time it takes. But sitting around waiting several minutes for it to scan for the few books I have on there seems wasteful and a bit frustrating. It makes me not want to do it that often. I love to read, but sitting there watching it slowly scan through id's and then my images folders is... well, kind of like watching paint dry.

I guess I can just 'save to disk' and then drag and drop the files into my Nexus 7's Books folder. But I'm hoping there's a setting that I've overlooked that'll make it scan in only a specific location.

Sorry if the tone of this seems like a complaint. I Googled and read a post about someone having a long scanning issue and it frustrated me that he was basically hounded to buy the CC thing. It never said anything about being able to select a folder to scan, or not. lol Basically wasted my time reading a commercial I guess.
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