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Originally Posted by Schrollini View Post
Thanks, martz and idle, for the kind words about PRSAnnots. (I didn't mean to be fishing for complements, but I'll take 'em!)
You're welcome!

Originally Posted by Schrollini View Post
Is there a reason you want PDF output? This requires both a EPUB layout engine and a PDF renderer, which would make this program more complicated. What about making an annotated EPUB or HTML file?
PRSAnnots allows me to have a very nice archive of highlighted documents. Initially, I was just looking for something similar for EPUB files, too -- but I figured having everything as PDFs would give me a more "uniform" library. Also, I'd prefer to browse all my archive documents with one app, but haven't yet found a Linux tool that reads both EPUBs and PDFs (for Windows, there is the excellent Sumatra PDF).

That said, an annotated EPUB/HTML would actually serve these purposes very well! Yes, I'd have to use Firefox for opening the files, but as long as the underlined text is shown on the page (not extracted to a separate file), it's great.

I'd be really thankful for such a feature in PRSAnnots. I suspect it would have lots of users.

I'll think a bit about whether this could fit into PRSAnnots. But don't expect much progress in the next month or so -- I'll be busy with real life. However, if someone else wants to take a stab at this, either for inclusion with PRSAnnots or as a separate program, don't hesitate to get in touch with me with questions.
That sounds great! I'm not a coder, but I'm happy to help in testing how it works. Keep us posted!

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