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Originally Posted by pvdas View Post
I sent it to my friend in Hungary, who brought it here to India. However if I get it sent here directly then I do not have to pay the EU tax.

Where do you live? In a big city or a small town? Would it be advantages to receive it in a big city, like Kolkata? Do you have experience with international parcels and DHL coming into India?

I live in a small town and just got another parcel with some free samples via FedEx and they charged me duty Rs. 436,- That is why I am so cautious.

Thank you.
I doubt it makes much difference where you live because I do live in a big city and when I received the M92 I found the screen was broken. The package had obviously been dropped in shipping. Booxtor replaced the device. He had to send the replacement in a bigger box with some shock absorbent padding.

Ofcours it is not certain that it was India Post and not DHL that mishandled it. But the Eink screen being fragile even if it looks okay there might be hidden damage and now I worry that even a slight bump might break it. Makes me wonder if having it sent directly is a good idea.

Edit: Friends tell me with Fedex you pay import duty and with DHL you dont. Not very clear to me why it is so.

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