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Obviously there are more difficult and convoluted solutions. I'm looking to find some way to see calibre libraries through to their logical, simple conclusion, not to make things more complicated than they need to be.

Obviously, this so called "Library" exists only as the data I've exported to it, and in no other way. I think the Python wsgi server filled in some extra details that I never explicitly asked it to. The fact remains that the sole purpose of it's existence is for a single user at a time to connect, export books to, and have those books show up on the wsgi server's opds feed the next time I open it on my phone, tablet, or reader.

I do believe I asked, that if the functionality doesn't presently exist that it be added as a new feature (request) in some way.

Finally; never, I repeat NEVER, use rlogin. NEVER. Never ever ever. Use SSH instead. rlogin is BAD.
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