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Use calibre to manage remote calibre library

I've got a simple setup going, and it's pretty much almost ready. There's only one thing missing, and that's simple management.

I've got a webserver, which I have (currently open for testing) secured with usernames and passwords, and can access from my android products as well as my e-readers (My wife and I have one each). It's running a calibre content server encapsulated in apache. Pretty straight forward stuff.

What I have on my desktop is Calibre client running. I start it, I adjust e-books, edit meta-data, etc... then I want to send it to my "device", which is the remote library. This is all pretty much possible, except that the "Connect to folder" feature doesn't update the metadata.db file.

How can I configure the Desktop Calibre client to update the metadata.db file?
If I can't configure the Desktop Calibre client to update the metadata.db file, is it possible to make this a feature request? Presumably calibre knows how to update this file, and a locking facility can easily be instituted. This is the last piece to turn the integrated server into an awesome all-in-one solution around calibre for me, and others I'm sure!
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