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Originally Posted by Schrollini View Post
I'm afraid part of this request is going to be nearly impossible. EPUB is, like HTML, just a string of text that the viewer is responsible for laying out. (PDF, on the other hand, fully describes the layout of each page.) So to be able to match up the handwritten annotations with the text, you'd have to write a EPUB layout engine that works exactly like the one in your Reader. Don't count on this happening. (Highlighted text doesn't have this problem, but I'm unaware of anyone who's built that part.)
Thanks very much, this is a very good explanation. I thought something similar myself but I couldn't figure out the details.

So handwritten notes are causing trouble here. But what about converting an EPUB that only has text highlights (no scribbles)? Is this likely to cause similar problems?

(It would be great to be able to assign a PDF printer for this: it would take an EPUB from my reader and convert it, while also exporting my underlines.)

BTW, I absolutely love PRSAnnots, what a great tool! But I still prefer EPUBs to PDFs, mostly for reasons similar to what user idle lined out: PDFs are bigger and slower. Often too slow for comfortably reading longer texts.

Thanks again,
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