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Mantano Ebook Reader Lite as standard for epub files


short version of my problem:

Opening an epub with Mantano Ebook Reader selecting it each time as the reader app, it works but if I choose to have this reader as my standard for epubs it does not work, it closes directly after starting.

Long version:

there is a problem trying to set Mantano Ebook Reader Lite as the standard epub reader on my Nexus 7.

Before setting any standard app for any file format, I can choose manually each time I like to read an epub ebook. I choose then my favorite - Mantano Ebook Reader Lite (as this seems to be the only I found, that renders correct and pretty epub ebooks) and in 98% it opens the epub directly and show correct. Sometimes it closes directly, but then after reopening the epub it works as expected.

But I would like to have this reader as standard, so I click the the checkbox below the list of available epub reader on my Nexus 7 and then the wanted App (Mantano). It tries to open it but it closes directly with a message like "something happened, closes... etc.". This happens every time.

I trie to set another App as standard. In this case it was FBReader and it looks at the first moment as it works (I don't had any direct closes after clicking "Read" on Calibre C.) but id doesn't show the book selected, it stays on the last I had opened before. But this is not my "big problem" as I do not want FBReader for reading epubs. Maybe it helps to know about this for figuring out what could be the problem...
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