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Can't change library folder

Hi, I'm using Calibre 0.9.6 Portable under Windows. After moving the library from ...\Calibre\Calibre Library to something else, and restarting Calibre, it insists on the old location. I have to manually switch it each time now.

My other question is how books can be imported better. I understand that Calibre needs to maintain a database, but to force users to copy everything into a static folder is far too strict to be generally useful. For example, I have LibreOffice documents I am working on, and like these to be available under Calibre as well. But I cannot rereimport these documents again and again after doing changes, so I would like to have Calibre them know by reference. So I can copy draft versions to my Sony Reader.

In fact, IMHO Calibre is rather unusable as a library manager without being able to handle arbitary pathnames. Throwing both, database + content into the same fixed and opaque folder hierarchy is far too strict. Take, for example, image database applications like Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or IMatch. For good reasons none of them forces user-images to be mixed with their private (thus finally irrelevant) database files.

Calibre is a great and powerful tool. The price for that, however, is that you have to grant it exclusive access to your files, loosing even the ability to edit them.

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