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Thanks for trying to help...
I have started with the last suggestion (uninstall FBreader and reboot). I am happy to report that after reinstalling FBreader, the one and only book left in my CC library, Calibre's epub manual, opens fine with FBreader.
Now to the questions.
- nothing special with my N7. Not rooted, and everything is on auto-update.
- I use English
- CC's version is 2.4
- Using Astro file manager, I do not see the epub file in the CC folder. Only a .FBreader folder with some 0.ncache, etc, files. I have a single .azw file obtained from my kindle collection in my kindle folder and, whichever file I try to open from there, a message "no activity found" results... The strange thing is that I have rebooted and reinstalled K4A yesterday after posting. .azw files don't seem to be associated with K4A...

And now, one more question:
I thought I had done it right by converting my DRM free .azw books to .epub in Calibre and sending them to my Nexus, but it appears that only the .azw are uploaded. How can I select which version to send from Calibre?

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