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Kindle Magazine Subscriptions

I've got a couple of paid magazine subscriptions through Kindle. I love them, and read them exclusively on my Kindle Android reader, and plan to continue my subscriptions in spite of limitations imposed by Amazon. Kindle has chosen to make these subscriptions auto-destruct after the accumulation of so many issues, making reference to older issues more than problematic. Additionally, Kindle has somehow decided that paid subscriptions can't be read on the Kindle PC reader...But, to the issue at hand (no pun intended):

I decided to run a couple of issues through Calibre to see what the resulting .mobi file would look like on my Kindle PC reader. I also examined the same file on a real Kindle, as well as on my Kindle Android reader.

In each case, the necessary index was missing in the output file, or if present, with details obscured and with non-working links. However, I could read the magazines on all three platforms page by page. In addition, I could highlight and bookmark the articles, which is something which cannot be done with the magazine as provided by Kindle. So, like the old song, "Something's lost, but something's gained..."

At present, I can preserve an issue indefinitely using Calibre, with the loss of some features and the gain of others. I'm pretty sure I can't have my cake and eat it, but I'd like to know if I can have any control over the ingredients, so to speak.

1) Can a Kindle magazine file be transformed into a "non-volatile" .mobi file while retaining the essential index and links?

2) Is it possible to maintain the index and links AND also be able to annotate and highlight text as in any Kindle book?

3) Does Calibre offer "magazine-specific" options when converting files that would address one or more of the issues above?

Many thanks.
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