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I was looking for a reply to my question from a while ago, but I couldn't find any replies. I read through this whole thread again, so please forgive me as I ask again...
Originally Posted by micster View Post
... is there a way to add custom navigational sections? Like what if I wanted a category for all of my comics? I think I could achieve something close to that with a custom column in Calibre, but I'm not sure how that might work when creating an OPDS.

I think I read about someone achieving something like this by creating multiple Calibre databases (one for comics, magazines, books) and then creating separate OPDS catalogs for each. It would be nice to just have the single OPDS catalog and be able to add whatever sections you want though.
More specifically, can we add custom fields and have that metadata displayed in the web page? I'm thinking like Chaley's PHP+Apache web server. I'm pretty sure it reads the columns from Calibre including custom ones. For example, under the book details it list the Publisher and Publishing Date.

What if I wanted to include on the book details page some more information rather than just the current: Title, Authors, Tags, Series and Summary? For example there is this plugin I installed from Kiwidude called "Count Pages" that adds a custom column/field in your Calibre databse that has the page count for each book. I would like to add various custom columns to the books details web page.

Maybe a simple place where we can list all of the fields we want to read back for each book entry? Just getting the default ones like ISBN, Publisher, Language, etc. would be good for starters. Let me know what you think.

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