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KPW Text not properly aligned in MOBI only in AZW3

I just got a new Paperwhite. I was getting to know it, everything seemed to work fine. I then uploaded some books from Calibre, in MOBI format. All these books appeared with irregular text alignment; to be specific the justification was irregular. Throughout the book entire book.

The text is aligned with the left, but not with the right. Sometimes the justification is correct, but only for a few paragraphs at the most. It is very distracting. Sometimes there will only be a few words per line, when there obviously space for more words, and the text will continue on the next line.

In some books, the justification is more irregular than in others. ALL these books work fine in my Kindle Fire. Books that are directly download from amazon also display the problem.

Weirdly (for me at least), converting the books to AZW3 format fixes the problem. Why?

I have too many books, all in the old MOBI format. I would hate to have to convert all of them.

Anyone with the same issue. With any suggestions?
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