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Originally Posted by speakingtohe View Post
A tablet would be a significant upgrade in the convenience area. Longer battery life than laptop, easier to transport, can be used more conveniently in bed, on the bus, planes, coffee shops, park bench etc.

And a reasonable tablet new can be bought for around the same price as an ereader new.

You make a compelling argument . The Nexus 7 has definitely piqued my interest; the specs and price point both look good and, although there are mixed opinions on how well-suited it is for reading PDFs, all the info I can find seems to indicate that it would be more than adequate for my purposes. (If anyone else is interested, this video shows it in action; it's in portrait instead of landscape, which is probably how I would use it, but the two reader apps it demonstrates both look great and the uploader says it can handle a 500MB document with minimal slowdown, so my max-30MB screenplays shouldn't be a problem.)
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