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Pocketbook Support

As i am struggling between buying a Sony PRS-T2 (+rooting afterwards) and the Pocketbook Touch/622 to buy - and yesterday got the chance to try out the PB -
i got some questions (i already asked similar to Sony Users).
As there is the huge "don't buy" thread in here - but mostly with comments that are quite old.
i wanted to ask about your expierience after you bought a Pocketbook reader.

How is Pocketbooks update policy? Also in terms of bugfixes
Are readers (software) still improved after they are on the market?
What about older readers? - or only the newest model?
How about "user" wishes for software updates? Is the support reading here or elsewhere to see what users like/dislike or would want to be improved/added?
What if something is broken? Hows support then?

For instance to me the rss-feader (if i recall right it is called pocket news) is a feature i would use a lot - but the Pocketbook Touch i had in hand had a version that could use some improvment - as it was really only able to download your feeds and put it in a long, scrollabe only list.

So - whats your experience?
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