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In Honor of Veterans -- Free Spy Reads

I salute our men and women in military service and those retired. Thank you for your sacrifices.

To that end, here are some of my recent books featuring spies, soldiers, and really bad guys. Make sure to use the Smashwords coupons to download your free copies.

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Let Slip the Dogs of War
On the tranquil shores of Lake Champlain sits the Bard's Bed & Breakfast -- not your typical vacation spot. Run by a retired spy and Shakespearean scholar, "Uncle Edward", and a former bookstore owner, "Beatrice", whose spy husband, "Benedick", is forced out of the CIA, their guests are often unruly, secretive, and occasionally downright dangerous. When a Syrian rebel leader's daughters are sent for safe-keeping, it's a spy free-for-all Shakespeare would have envied, full of duplicitous deceivers, treacherous traitors, and star-crossed lovers. A dead young woman sporting tattoos is left naked in the Ephesus Suite, leaving Bea and Ben to smuggle the body out of the house without getting caught. A wily French spy, Philippe Grapon, may be working for the French DGSE, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Russians, or any and all of the above. All Bea knows for sure is that Philippe is bad news. Fed up with out-of-control spy operations, Bea has no patience with the calamity that rolls through the peaceful country side like an upside down maelstrom of catastrophic proportions. A long-hidden family secret turns out to be the key to a deadly mystery, but along the way to solving it, Bea finds herself chasing after a stolen corpse, pursued through the forest by a motley gang of spies, and even carjacked by a man who clearly should not be trusted. Even the Bard's cats, Titania and Oberon, and dogs, Puck and Mr. Darcy, are troublemakers who insure there is never a dull moment in Arden Woods. USE COUPON CODE MB73V

The brand new sequel! --
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A Plague O' Both Your Houses

The gang at the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast on Vermont’s Lake Champlain is back in another tale of twisted intelligence plots and deceptions that would have left Shakespeare shaking his head in dismay. Uncle Edward, Lorna, Bea, and Ben take on the task of providing hospice care for a former CIA chemist, skilled in creating and defusing chemical and biological weapons.

Cantankerous and conniving to the end, Linda Romano proves a true challenge to the former CIA officers and their wives. Even as she is bedridden, the patient coerces her nurse, Manie, into assisting her in a game of blackmail and murder with a threat of killing husband Darwin, serving time in a Jamaican prison for a crime he claims he didn’t do. But Linda doesn’t stop there.

When the ruthless chemist contacts “Horrible Harry” to inform him she has poisoned him and he must come to her if he wants the antidote, things get really ugly. The solution? A hospice team that consists of a number of experienced CIA personnel -- from the diminutive, but deceptive Filipino-American terrorism expert Angie Singson, who poses as a vulnerable patient assistant, to the head-shrinking psychologist, Dr. John “Cannibal” Brody, who came by his nickname honestly. Determined to prevent a deadly attack on WMD expert David Helpern, the team gets busy convincing Linda she has the upper hand, all while yanking the rug out from under her.

What does all this have to do with the two young Syrian wards staying at the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast, Iranian spy Afarin Hesami, and an intelligence operation designed to turn a CIA asset in Damascus into a double agent? It’s going to take a Shakespearean effort to get past all the smoke bombs and broken mirrors tossed into their path, but it’s imperative they get to the bottom of this spy game.

Ever passionate and protective, Bea works overtime to keep the guests of the Bard’s Bed & Breakfast alive, the bad guys at bay, her cunning husband on his toes, and the wily CIA officers on their best behavior. It’s a wild romp across the Vermont countryside as they work together to outwit a sinister master of death and destruction. USE COUPON CODE HE49K

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Snow White and the Hunter: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery

As the only female deputy in the eight-member Latimer Falls Sheriff's Department, Gabby Grimm is used to working with men. The daughter of Gerhard Grimm, owner of Black Forest Farm, she grew up in Manhattan, but now calls Vermont home. Armed with a degree in psychology and trained in law enforcement, she's accustomed to using her head to solve the community's problems, whether it's an escaped cow, young pranksters out to have fun, or a local resident who's had a snootful. But her world is turned upside down in less than 24 hours, starting with a kiss from a mysterious masked man in the woods. Sam Hogan, counter-terrorism specialist, is different -- he shakes, rattles, and rolls his way into her world with a bang. A part-time resident, Jonathan Klarsfeld, is murdered at his lakeside cabin while working on an antiterrorist software program for Ramparts Manufacturing and his family is taken hostage. Gabby is thrust into a very different kind of law enforcement situation that challenges her skills, her knowledge, and her resolve. When the brutal terrorists converge on Latimer Lake and threaten her idyllic Vermont village and its pastoral way of life, Gabby refuses to surrender. With gumption and guts, she and her colleagues wage war on the bad guys and the wild chase is on. USE COUPON CODE WJ28U

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Charleston with a Clever Cougar: A Dance with Danger Mystery

When good girls meet boys behaving badly, it's a dance with danger! Romance-challenged Cady, owner of Cady's Cakes, thinks it's time to give up on love. She's content to bake her cakes and roast her coffee in her Old Saybrook shop after her six-year relationship fizzles. But then, she never expected to run into someone like Doc, the just-retired Army medic back from Afghanistan. Hardly warm and fuzzy, Doc is rough around the edges, intense, and not afraid to ask the tough questions. When her teenage employee, Daisy, becomes the target of a murderous plot at the shop, Doc inserts himself into the equation with determination to get to the bottom of things. Who's behind it and why? Daisy's father, Doug, took off with his mistress, Mimi, in the middle of her mother's cancer treatment, creating a local scandal. The divorce, the ugly custody battle, and a new set of triplets creates complications for Doug and his very ambitious wife, Mimi, now poised to take on a prestigious job in their new locale. Doug presses yet again for custody of Daisy and her little brother, Dylan, even knowing how much stress it causes his ex-wife. Cady worries that Daisy's mother won't survive all the calamity. Poised on the edge of remission, Carole's cancer has taken its toll on the whole family, but it's also done something else -- it's reawakened a nightmare Cady thought was long ago forgotten, especially after Daisy is attacked at the shop. Struggling to put her own ghosts to rest, Cady must learn to trust a stranger if she wants to save Carole and the kids, and the only way to do that is to face her past. Can she do it in time? USE COUPON CODE ZQ55W

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