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Re: Are we on the verge of a new era for mobile content?

I agree and disagree with your post

"Palm, Inc. Solutions Group today said it has accomplished a sevenfold breakthrough in memory for Palm Powered(TM) handheld computers. Palm Solutions and PalmSource engineers collaborated to develop memory technology that extends the amount of random-access memory (RAM) possible on a Palm OSŪ handheld from the current 16MB to 128MB."

Some Pocket PCs aleardy can be tweaked to 128MB of RAM, and recently the genio550C released in Japan came with 128MB of RAM

here is what some ppc users think

so news about the memory innovation is strictly palm related ... and not the PDA market as awhole

The notion that increased memory means a new era for mobile content is arguable..

Developers always try to make their apps as small as possible, increase in ram does not mean that apps should increase by the same ratio... but developers might be less worried about creating bigger apps..

but they would still try to make the app compact for 2 reasons
1- there is still a huge market of palm users who have limited amounts of memory still
2- increased memory means increased demand for other types of files (mp3s, huge ebooks, jpgs, isilo files , videos)

also currently most palm apps support VFS, meaning users easily place apps in memory cards to run them and this is what i do with all of my games and huge apps .. and this makes me feel at ease incase of a sudden hard rest

But I do agree with you about this being a new era for Palm, mainly the Intel Xscale PXA 255 400mhz is a HUGE step, to me this is more important than the increase in memory
Did you know that there is currently only one PPC with that processor? meaning the tungsten C is a step ahead of all ppcs in the market.

but remember there is still something missing, most apps are not arm coded, but run on PACE which emulates Palm OS 4.01 .. developers creating new apps make them OS5 compatible and not OS 5 enhanced (which would not run on older palms)... so there is still a long way ahead

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