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Originally Posted by lampadatriste View Post
I'm on a Mac OS 10.7. I tried and was successful with prsam and prsam-tk before, but only on the main reader drive.
From what I'm learning about how the microSD card works, I think that's to be expected. I'll have to think about whether I can fix it or not.
Originally Posted by lampadatriste View Post
I followed your advice and this did the trick. getannotations is pure genius. Thank you again! It works perfectly with the MICROSD card and the reader drive.
Great! Just to make sure I understand what you did, you ran getannotations /path/to/microsd/card instead of getannotations /path/to/reader?

Originally Posted by lampadatriste View Post
Sorry it took me so long to answer. I won't try prsam or prsam-tk any further, getannotations does it for me.
No worries. I suspect that, if you want to use only the microSD card, you could run prsam init /path/to/microsd/card and have your library live on the card instead of the reader's main memory. But there's no way currently to have a library spanning both, and given how I designed PRSAnnots, it's probably not ever going to happen. You could try have separate libraries on both the reader and the microSD card, but you'd have to use the --mount option each time you call prsam to tell it which to use. (And prsam-tk doesn't have a mount option, so it would only be able to access one of the two.)

So it's good that getannotations works!
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