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Originally Posted by Bob Butler View Post
I'd like to user genres for collections, plus have a collection for any series where I have more than one book from that series on my Kindle. Is this possible?
Yup, you can. First, make sure that you back up your collections (just in case; that way if you don't like the new collections, it's easy to go back to what you had before - it was handy when I forgot to change the number of books required for authors and wound up with over 300 new collections). Connect your kindle. The Kindle Collections icon should show up. Click on the drop down arrow, then click on "Customize Collections to create from calibre." Find "genre" under calibre sources. Change the action to "create." If there are any genres you don't want added as collections, add them to "Ignore names matching these patterns separated with a comma, then put a comma in "split on character." If you want to only create collections for genres with X number of books or more, put that number in the "Minimum" column. Then do the same for the "Series" column, making sure to put "2" into the "Minimum" column so that it only creates collections for series with 2 or more books. You may want to make sure that "Preserve existing Kindle-only collections" is checked, especially if you already have a system of collections on the Kindle that you like. Click "OK" then go back to the drop down arrow and click on "Preview collections from calibre without saving" and make sure that the collections you want are there, and that collections that you don't want aren't there. Change the previous settings as needed until you're happy with what's being created. Then click the arrow and select "Create collections from calibre" and wait until it finishes. Make sure that you close the book you were reading so that it doesn't mess up the order of most recent. Then restart your kindle and wait. You may need to turn on wireless or manually set the time for it to be accurate. The collections should appear, and have the books in them.
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