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Originally Posted by dicknskip View Post
I do not use this as a search and replace. I only use it as a search and then hand fix the located parts. The replace part is just too variable to work well. For example, a long speech may contain multiple paragraphs, and that is correct. It will be caught by the search as the proper grammer is to have an opening quote for each paragraph in the speech and a closing one only on the last paragraph. Use it to search and then hand fix the areas.
I don't auto replace, I make the decision each time. I agree about the paragraphs that span many paragraphs. I flip between Find, Replace/Find and manual edits. It's good at finding orphan words that are a single paragraph.
Originally Posted by Doitsu View Post
<p.+> matches any paragraph (e.g. <p class="calibre1">sat on</p>) and since it doesn't contain any brackets for back-references whatever it matches gets deleted.
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