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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
Okay! Finished working/sandbox-testing, now I'm gonna need a real live guinea pig ;D.

You'll need to:

* Be on 5.2.0
* Be JailBroken
* Not be terribly upset if it fails and you end up on 5.3.0 without a JailBreak .

What to do:

* FIRST, Install the update package attached here.
* Then, install the official 5.3.0 update.

If all is well, you should still have the bare minimum after the update (ie. the jailbreak key).

(So far, I only tested this on 5.1.2 & 5.2.0. Another pair of eyes (eureka ) confirmed that it *should* work on 5.3.0, and turning my brain to mush looking at IDA made me pretty sure that the update process wouldn't kill it, so I'm pretty confident it works ).
Been lurking around here for a bit. I'm only using he paperwhite jailbreak for custom screensavers anyway, so I'll be your guinea pig. Will edit in a few moments with results.

EDIT: NiLuJe, you're a friggin' saint. It's booting after the update, I got the **JAILBREAK** along the bottom of the tree. I think you pulled it off!

Settings says I'm on 5.30. I'm not sure how much more confirmation I can give you from here, but it appears to have worked fine.

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