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Problem with Turkish (ğ and ı) characters


First post here, welcome everyone!

I've just bought a Pocketbook Basic New and I'd like to read some Turkish stuff on it. These files are in UTF-8 format and display perfectly on my PC. When I upload the txt files on my device, it display ş, right, but all of the ğ and ı display as g and i.
I tried to set other encodings on the device such as ISO 8859-9 or win-1254 without success. So I can see ş and all right but not ğ and ı.

And I want to learn Turkish with these books so it's really confusing and I need the exact characters.

I don't really understand how come half of the Turkish characters are ok, half of them not and I'm not sure what the problem is.

Any suggestion, advice?

I'd appreciate it, thanks.
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