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Out of Memory

When I click on my "Titles" link to display all of the books in my database, PHP runs out of memory. I'm presented with a blank page and if I view the source the only thing displayed is a solitary "1".

I viewed my Apache error logs and I have one that says PHP ran out of memory while trying to run this script. The first time this happened I had around 7,000 book entries. I checked the memory setting in my "php.ini" and it was set to 128 megs. I thought this should have been enough, but I doubled it to 256 megs which made the problem go away.

I have since added many more books to my calibre database and I now have over 20,000 titles. Needless to say, every time I select to view all of my titles the script will crash with an out-of-memory error.

Is there anyway around this? Clicking on the other links is slow, but eventually they will display their info. I had a different script that would organize the titles into categories from A-Z and it would run fine. I'm thinking that the root of the problem is this one link that has 20,000 entries and if I could somehow break it up into smaller chunks I think it will work again.
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